Full overlay shaker doors


White subway tiles in a herringbone patter.


Free standing vent hood


Custom built appliance pantry


New, tall crown molding


Shaker end panels


Tight, 1/4″ gap between doors and drawers with full overlay style


Bar top lowered to counter top lever


Large, 2″ gap between standard overlay doors


Painted drywall as back side of island


Original brawn stain finish, recessed panel doors


Standard crown molding


Micro with built in vent


Raised counter top

  • Benefits

    Refacing is cost effective and makes more sense.

    • Spend smart – You are spending on what really matters: doors, hardware, finish
    • Save $ –  Don’t spend on cabinet boxes and installation
    • Upgrades – Savings can be used on upgrades that make a difference, like:
    •     pull out shelves
    •     better quality hardware
    •     more drawers
    •     extending the layout, etc
    • More options – Unlimited color and style choices
    • Less interruption – 1-2 days turnaround time

    Refacing is the green choice! All doors are built locally in Northern VA.

  • Scope of Refacing

    Standard refacing:

    • Replacing all doors (with soft close hinges) and drawer fronts
    • Refinishing the face frame and side panels of the existing cabinet boxes on site with a matching, sprayed, factory finish

    Optional items may include:

    • Adding new or modifying existing cabinets
    • New drawer boxes, soft close slides
    • New handles and other hardware if needed
    • Installing  pull out shelves
    • Any carpentry work, including trim and crown molding
  • Procedure

    1. Measure: We will measure the cabinets and take a deposit
    2. Build: Build and finish your new doors in our shop according to specification
    3. Install: On site work when removing the existing doors and drawer fronts, refinishing the cabinets and installing your new doors
  • Timeline

    1. 1-2 hours: Measuring cabinets
    2. 2-3 weeks: Having your new doors built and finished in our shop, ready to be installed
    3. 1 day: On site work to remove the old doors, refinish the cabinets and install the new doors
    4. 1 – 2 days: It may take an extra day or two if we have to perform additional carpentry work before the cabinets can be refinished
  • Materials

    • Doors and drawer fronts: Solid maple if painted or other hardwood if stained
    • Finish: Post or precat lacquer, the most durable factory finish by ML Campbell
    • Application of finish: Sprayed
    • Hardware: Blum soft close hinges and soft close drawer slides, Berenson handles


Is refacing right for me?

If the answer is yes to any of the options below, refacing would be your best option in almost every case.

  • You don’t like your current doors style
  • Your doors are structurally weak, cracking, have loose joints
  • You don’t have the original factory finish, the cabinets have been repainted already
  • You want to upgrade from standard to full overlay
  • Your cabinets are oak
  • You want a stain finish
  • Your cabinets are thermofoil
  • Your cabinet doors are laminate and the laminate is coming loose

What does full overlay mean?

Full overlay means that the doors and drawer fronts cover almost the entire cabinet box when closed. There is usually only a 1/4″ gap between the doors and drawer fronts as opposed to about 1″-2″ with standard overlay doors.

Do you use veneer on the cabinet boxes?

We never use veneer on cabinet face frames that are almost always solid hardwood, like maple, oak or cherry. These solid wood surfaces can be refinished with any color of a sprayed factory finish, paint or stain that will make it indistinguishable from a new factory finish. However once a veneer has been applied to the surface, it can no longer be refinished and it will be apparent that the cabinet has been refaced.

What colors can I choose from?

Since the cabinets will be sprayed with an actual paint or stain finish, the color choices are unlimited. We can match any paint or stain color of any brand from Benjamin Moore to Farrow and Ball .

What type of finishes do you use?

ML Campbell precat lacquers and conversion varnishes, the most durable factory finishes on the market.

What door styles do you offer?

ProRefinish is a custom cabinet shop, we can build almost any style of cabinet doors made of solid wood.

Do you do counter tops?

We don’t install counter tops unless it’s a butcher block, however we can refer you to our granite installer partners.

Do you do back splashes?

We don’t install back splashes, however we can refer you to our tile installer partners.