Complete custom built European, framless cabinets with glossy white finish.

Tasks included:

  • removal of bulk head
  • built in fridge
  • built in sitting bench
  • Job Type
  • Location
  • Color Used
  • Door Style
  • Overlay Style
  • Handles
  • Completed
  • Custom Built
  • Chrystal City, VA
  • Gloss white
  • Slab
  • Full Overlay
  • Berenson 0804
  • 12/06/2017

Homeowners comments:

We needed to upgrade our entire kitchen before we sold our home. Joe and his crew did an amazing job creating custom kitchen cabinets for us. The finished product was spectacular, and everyone who came into our house commented on them. He took out soffits that provided no added value and took up valuable storage space. We kept the footprint of the kitchen while changing some basics. For example, Joe made some very nice open shelving for us where we previously had ordinary cabinets. Because of the higher cabinets everywhere else, we still gained storage space and a bit of architectural interest as well, and all in a very reasonable, economical way.

The white finish on the cabinets was what I would call satin. It had a perfectly seamless texture, very smooth, perfectly even. We were truly sorry to be handing this beautiful new kitchen over for sale.

Joe is no-nonsense, all business, but friendly as well. I would certainly recommend Pro Refinish to anyone considering having work done.