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Drawers and Pull-Out Shelves

  • Dovetail Drawer with Organizer
    Dovetail Drawer with Organizer

    Solid maple drawer box with dovetail joints on BLUM BLUMOTION under mount slides. Organizer tray inside with ball bearing slides.

  • Solid Maple Drawer
    Solid Maple Drawer

    Solid maple drawer box with dovetail joints, natural finish, under mount slide.

  • Inset Drawers
    Inset Drawers

    Inset drawer boxes with the drawer front built in. Not having a separate drawer front increases the depth of the drawer. Combining light maple sides with dark walnut or cherry fronts adds visual interest.

  • Handcut Dovetail, Inset Drawer
    Handcut Dovetail, Inset Drawer

    Light maple sides were combined with a dark walnut front for this beautiful, hand cut dovetail drawer for an inset cabinet.

  • Hand Cut Dovetail Joinery
    Hand Cut Dovetail Joinery

    An other masterpiece of an inset drawer with carefully designed, hand cut dovetail joints. Contrasting colored wood species add to the beauty of this timeless design.

  • Natural Finish with White Front
    Natural Finish with White Front

    Hand cut dovetail design with natural finish on the pine drawer box with a white, painted drawer front.

  • Full Overlay Painted Front
    Full Overlay Painted Front

    Natural maple dovetail drawer box with under mount slides and a glazed drawer front for a full overlay base cabinet.

Quality drawer boxes and pull-out shelves are not just beautiful, convenient and practical but they also increase the value of your kitchen and your home. They allow easy access to hard to reach places and great for organizing.

ProRefinish specializing in retrofitting existing cabinets with state of the art drawers that will last a life time. No more cracked, sagging, binding, sticking drawer boxes! Your new drawers will slide silently and close softly.

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TANDEM plus BLUMOTION: The next generation

  • The Runners
    The Runners

    The TANDEM plus BLUMOTION runners are the latest advancement in concealed runner technology. They offer four-dimensional adjustment, excellent stability and minimal sag; all while maintaining smooth running action and unmatched soft close.

  • Soft Close
    Soft Close

    All TANDEMBOX profiles have integrated BLUMOTION quiet closing — creating an unsurpassed opening and closing experience. BLUMOTION adapts to different weights and closing forces to give a smooth and silent close every time. Whether it is a small top drawer or a loaded deep drawer BLUMOTION guarantees the quiet close you have come to expect from Blum.

  • Quick Release
    Quick Release

    TANDEM plus BLUMOTION is mounted discreetly beneath the drawer and has the quietest opening and closing action available. This top-of-the-line concealed runner is the industry choice for dovetail drawers in high-end cabinetry, in either face frame or panel. They come with quick-release lock mechanism that allows the removal of the drawer box with a simple pull of the triggers.